Illegal disk

I have just bought a Benq 1620 (OEM) and I flashed the drive to G7P9 firmware. I have a DVD-RW I had from a friend that has already been used. I try to erase it with Nero and it starts to erase for about 5 seconds then says illegal disk. I look at the contents and they are all still there, it has done nothing.



How fast is the DVD-RW rated?

The 1620 can´t burn (also erase?) DVD-RW at 1x. And I don´t know if even 2x is possible.

Its sad, because I have some old 1x DVD-RW media at home which is now useless.

Anyway, get some RICOH 4x DVD+RW. They are great in the Benq.


its a 2.4X DVD-RW (maxell if that matters)

I’ve had this same problem on many DVD+RW discs and several -RW with my 822A burner. It’s frustrating because my friend with an NEC 2500 can take the discs and erase/burn them with excellent quality.

After installing Nero, did you startup your computer again?

Nero was installed prior to installing the burner and was working fine with my LG Cd burner. Nero also burns find with Ritek (Sp) 8x -R media. Maybe it is just the media that is the problem??

I guess so, I think Benq 1620 don’t like writing 2 or 2.4x speed writing. Specially dvdrw is a bit of a problem. I’ve had a Liteon 411 which wrote very good on dvdrw. But afer a bad eeprom flash it was the only thing the drive could do well…writing a dvdrw. Try to by a 4x speed dvdrw. Try to use the search or take a look at the review of the benq 1620 to find out which dvdrw is best.