Illegal Disk.... ND-2500A

Hey guys… Nooob here… I just started having an issue with my dvd drive - ND-2500A

I picked up some memorex-R 16X discs… and whe I try to burn in Nero I get an Illegal disc message… I was using 8X discs before, but must have picked up 16 by mistake…although If burning at a lower speed than 16 it should have anything to do with the problem right…???

I also have the latest firmware 1.0A . but though my research on trying to fix this problem I have noticed that the drive is discontinued and there are no longer any support for it…

Any help would be much appreciated guys…if i’m missing any information please le me know

Avoid Memorex, you never know what they are…

I picked up the same discs on a great sale and same problem here. 50 coasters as I see it.

Does anybody have any help… or solutions besides bad media???

You can only use them with questionable results when buying a newer drive.

It could be that the 2500 does not have a write strategy for that particular disc go to liggy’s and dee’s thread and see if they can help?