Illegal Disc

I encountered a new (to me) problem when copying to Memorex DVD-R.
I have several new movies and I also tried this with a couple of my older movies which had already been sussesfully backed up.
After DVDShrink finishes encoding then starts to burn I get a burning failed notice and the log stated “illegal disc”. Using Nero to burn the processed files gets the same result also. I use DVDshrink or DVDDcrypter but get the same results when Starting to burn. Its got to be the media. This ONLY happens when using new Memorex DVD-R 16x blanks (i`ve tried several from the same package but get the same result. I can use a differant brand DVD-R and copy with no problem.
Is this something the disc manufacturer has put in/on the blank DVD-R which caused the burn to be canceled and give the reason as “illegal disc”?

Most likely Power Calibration Error because this media/MID is not supported.
Memorex sells different quality stuff under it’s name, you never know what you get…

Find out the mediacode and post it here and search for comments on

16x burning is still not very good on most drives, and Memorex has garnered the nickname Memorsux because they often stock up with low grade junk from CMC and others.

Well I checked and found at least one post concerning the discs in question that was getting the “illegal disc” thing.
I did update the firmware in my burner and have now been able to burn one disc without any problem. I will have to try several differant movies in order to be sure Ive got this ironed out. Ill let you know.
Thanks for the help. :bigsmile: