Illegal disc error with nero

everytime i try to burn it goes thru the process then says error in the error log it says illegal disc i have uninstalled and reinstalled so many times i couldn’t count and also when i put a dvd rom into my drive it goes to a program called inter actual player and it comes up with a message saying there is a problem with my dvd navigator and to restart comp and then if that doesn’t work uninstall and reinstall my dvd navigator which i have no idea how to do could the nero and the dvd navigator problem be related???
i am going crazy i am ready to solve this problem with a baseball bat and buy a new one is there a less drastic measure i could use??? :a :sad:

P.S sorry but i had an after thought if i can’t get nero going could you recommend a good program for encoding and burning i need something that is easy to use dumb blonde here see i am worried that if i buy a program that it still won’t work because the problems that i am having are comp related and not nero related

ok, for backups i have had issues with nero in the past and i usually use somethig like blindwrite or alcohol120. do a google for them. blindwrite is really simple to use and just set the options to automatic.


ps,if it says illegal disc then that could be the ‘copy’ protection.

If you’re creating a DVD from a DVD directory (i.e. VIDEO_TS and sometimes AUDIO_TS folders in them) you can use ImgTool Classic. Version 0.91.6 supports ImgBurn for recording of images. If you need to burn an image file of the disc then just use ImgBurn. You can find ImgTool Classic here.