"Illegal Disc" ? Create ISO! SO LOST! HELP

Hey im really new…
I was looking through and couldnt find the answer to my question.
I use a external dvd burner the sony drx-710ul … it burns every kind of burnable dvd +/- R , RW, and DL…
When I use clone dvd, I have been efficently making back up copies of my movies using dvd-rw discs. But now that I tried using sony dvd-r or or dvd+r it would read illegal disc. It said something about try creating an ISO file instead… so I tried that and tried burning it with nero and it wouldnt work! I am so lost now. Anyone any ideas? I have tried numerous brands of discs! :sad:


Sounds like you need to update the firmware on your drive. Check Sony’s website for new firmware.