Illegal copy of clonedvd,anydvd,clonecd



When I first got into the world of Dvd writers I attempted to obtain a backup software that enabled me back up my movies. I (of course) first went to
E-bay. I purchased what I thought was an older version of someones software that they upgraded.

I purchased an almost 2 year old version of clonedvd clonecd and anydvd. I realize that I was hosed but what can someone do to nail people like this.

It was months before I realized that I was taken, after visiting this forum and I learned that everything is done via interned


Use google and find out what the latest version is before bidding on eBay (unless of course you want a specific older version).


I feel stupid asking, but what does that mean?

And I really don’t think you were scammed. You bought what you paid for. Did he say he was selling the version you ended up getting? If so, what law did he break?


The way I see it is that a copy of clone dvd full suit off of E-bay with the register key built in is illegal. The directions stated install off line and uncheck the box to check for updates… Sounds like not very legal to me. If its just that I didnt know better at the time, no problem

It even stated that it was registered to some guy named “George”


toasters clone DVD/Cd and Any DVD are only available for purchase from elby online you can’t buy it anywhere else.


AnyDVD are only available for purchase from elby

not Elby, but SlySoft ( )