I'll probably regret this (BlindWrite / Alcohol)

but …

Comparing the two, I’m impressed by BlindWrite’s more frequent updates (at least, of late) and the Autoplay program so backups that require emulation don’t need BlindWrite installed on the client.

What are people experiences with the two. Which do they prefer and why?

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there are many threads about your question, just take a look at the forum or use the search function.

That’s not correct BlindWrite or at least their autoplay standalone must be installed to play games which need autoplay feature to run correctly. Alcohol and BlindWrite are the best nowadays while CloneCD is loosing the race :sad:. So everyone has to decide for himself which one is better.

CloneCD is good IMO for it’s better ECC capibilites.
Alcohol is good due to it’s wide features.
BlindWrite is good because of it’s frequent updates and good support for some things.

Backing up your games is a dead horse nowadays. Protections have become too sophisticated, to allow standard reader/writers to back it up. It’s all about emulation or removing the use of the cd/dvd in total.

The future isn’t bright anymore, Bw have no near plans, and alcohol, well they are er… have been working on it for the past year!

The new light is based around removing the necessity of using the disc in the first place and allowing games to run with no-cd cracks! these are of course illegal, but something that is not is Game jackel. More info can be found by clicking on my sig. This is limited at the moment due to it being very new. Only time will tell what a true solution will be.

One being its abilitly to backup SecuROM 4.8+/5 as close to 1:1 as you will get, using a Plextor Premium CD writer of course.
And so far the only software to have any success backing up Securom protected DVD’s.

Not true, some suprises just might come your way:)

Well with direct contact to all these softwares, they haven’t supplied me with any information to shout out about, where they have done in the past :wink:

From what i have been told, the game backup industry is in recession, with no near future developments.

We must look for new alternatives in forms already mentioned!