I'll make you my God if you help solve my problem!

All kidding aside, I am what most would consider an intermediate to somewhat advanced computer user. For that reason, I can’t for the life of me, figure out why I can’t accomplish something as elementary as burning music files onto a CD-R, along with CD-TEXT!

 I know how to make VCDs and do analougue to digital conversions in audio and video. I know how to use Flash and Dreamweaver. I know how to make java applets from scratch, and so on....you would think making a simple CD, that when played later on a PC, would show the basic information of album name, artist and track name, to be a breeze for me....I've spent two days trying to figure it out and have wasted about 20 CD-Rs! Here are the details;

-My Iomega CD-RW burner does support the writing of CD-TEXT

-I’ve just updated all drivers for my hardware and software.

-I’m using the latest Nero Burning Rom, version

-I’ve tried burning two different audio formats in order to create a standard Audio CD (cda format). The first attempt was made using Mp3 files which had extensive ID3v.1 tag information I entered manually before burning. The seconsd attempt was made using the original wav file versions, which were named by me initially. Keep in mind, both times, I added the CD detailed information into the appropriate fields in Nero, and burned the CD in “write at once” mode. I made sure to check the box that said, “Write CD-TEXT to CD”.

-I know ID3 tag support is not available for Wav format. But they can be issued a filename, which I already did.

-I tried about 3 other applications, boasting their extensive ID3 tagging systems, only to find the frustrating Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, displayed upon playing a burnt CD compilation. I tried these applications using Mp3 files.

-I’ve tried everything, I can cry!!!

 As you can see, it's seems so simple and basic, yet it's incredibly out of reach! I'm going to go bald soon from tearing out my hair in frustration. I hope someone can give me a step by step, sure solution. Please don't bother if you have a mere suggestion, I really appreciate it, but I need answers please. I know it's possible to write this info onto a CD, so I must be doing something incredibly wrong. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and take care.

-Enrique =)

I am afraid this is only going to be a short post for two reason. One I have to go to work and secondly I havn’t yet copied a CD with CD text on it. I’m not even sure I have one. Man I have to do some burning when I get home.

Have you tried,

CloneCD - Makes an image of everything on the CD. Should include CD-Text.

Exact Audio Copy - Sadly I can’t remember what options you will need but I am sure this program should be able to do it.

I hope this helps. If not the please post again. I will have ago tonight if nothing has come up by then.

-I tried about 3 other applications, boasting their extensive ID3 tagging systems, only to find the frustrating Track 1, Track 2, Track 3, displayed upon playing a burnt CD compilation. I tried these applications using Mp3 files.

What programs are you using to play these CD-Text CD-Rs back with? A program that has ID3 tagging support does not necessarily support reading CD-Text out of the leadin. These are 2 very different things.

Yeah, I know. I read my post later and realized that I made it sound as if I think ID3 tag supporting players, should also support CD-TEXT. I guess the entire thing is just so hard to describe, because if I say I don’t see any text on a newly burnt compliation CD made from Mp3s, then people might think I believe ID3 tags and CD-TEXT go hand in hand.

 I do apologize for not making myself clear. I guess I put a lot of irrelevant information in that post, now that I look at it, LOL! In fact, I never should've mentioned audio file format at all, or ID3 tags, because we all know that as long as the CD is going to be burnt for general home stereo, boom-box, car stereo, PC use...then that obviously means it's going to be a .cda track audio CD, and obviously the original file format is irrelevant as each file will be decompressed should it be Mp3. If it is a wav, it would be converted into .cda I guess I was so damn desperate to find a way to get the CD-TEXT info on it, that I tried everything including the delusional hope of the ID3 tag info found on the Mp3 would somehow be magically transformed into CD-TEXT, hehehe.

 Anyway, I better shut-up before I say something else that will confuse everyone, or something wrong or irrelevant again, haha.

 So to make things clear, I just want to burn a regular, .cda track audio CD with the lead-in information (CD-Text) as well. When I play the newly burnt CD, using my PC, I want to be able to see in Windows Media Player, the track names, artists, numbers, and anyother information I fill in the necesary fields provided by Nero Burning-rom. I tried another last night, I read the help manual for Nero, then I played the CD back, using WMP 9.0, and NOTHING! It just shows the boring; Track 1, Track 2 and so on. 

 WOMBLE, your input was really appreciated. I know I made it sound a bit demanding, sorry bout that, hehe. Any help would be appreciated, and i appreciate yours.

 RICHMAN.......Please help! If you can, hehehe, laterzzzz.

              -Enrique =)

Quiquo, I don’t think that Windows Media Player reads CD-Text. I could be wrong though. If I am right, then all you will ever see when playing a CD-Audio disc with WMP is ‘track1, track2, etc…’. I don’t have a CD-Text type audio CD to test this right now or I would.

Try Feurio! for reading and writing your cd-text enabled audio cd.

Use a specific player which support the reading of cd-text. See here or maybe try the search on this topic.

I am pretty sure that Clone CD copies CD text because it has an option to do so!

If it doesn’t work it may be a limitation of your hardware though I can’t see that being true!

Originally posted by Daniel9801
[B]I am pretty sure that Clone CD copies CD text because it has an option to do so!

If it doesn’t work it may be a limitation of your hardware though I can’t see that being true! [/B]

Don’t forget that there are writers that can WRITE cd-text , but can’t READ it.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use a cddb enabled cd player and get the track details that way?

Yes this is by far the easiest option, I have Winamp 5 and it does it fine!

Problem is…if you’ve copied a CD without CD text will it still work?
It should do

Using the CDDB is fine but not many car stereos have access to the internet…:wink: So, to make the album/track titles readable in some car stereos, you must burn the CD with CD-Text.

Actually now I come to think about it when I use Winamp at first the CD text is just track01 - Unknown or soemthing, does this mean I am not copying the CD text afterall myself!!!

Winamp does not always read CD-Text. Your drive must support CD-Text first. If it does, then Winamp could possibly read the info from the leadin of the CD. If it does not, then Winamp can only get this info from CDDB.

Which site is Winamp connecting to for the CDDB info?

The player could be accessing the information through http://www.gracenote.com/ which is a commercial site or through http://www.freedb.org which is open source (and mirrors thereof).

Doesn’t the CDDB only work on commercial compilations? If he’s burning his own favorites on a CD, the CDDB won’t recognize the songs, right?

AND, what about car players with displays that don’t have CDDB connection? they have to be reading text from the CD.

Yeah but you can add your own CD text with most applications! This should work shouldn’t it?

I’m having the same problem as Quiquo. When I burn music cds from mp3s, the names are changed to track 1, track 2, … and none of the file tag information is burned to the CD. I have tried everything I can think of. Needless to say, I’ve made a lot of coasters.

Nope scrap what i just said winamp tags from cd to mp3. nero or roxio etc will let u edit the track names but it would take ages :frowning:

saying that i have just realised that winamp has an option now to bur cd’s using the sonic engine, it is very possible it may do what u want…

Just an idea, I may be wrong. Was into mp3. business long time ago. It might be that NERO’s mp3 encoder + burning (new compilation, audio cd) can solve the problem or MusicMatch JukeBox.