I'll give you $5 if you can tell me

Howdy folks, I’ll give $5 to anyone who can tell me how to copy protect a dvd-r (audio). Yes yes yes, I’ve heard it a thousand times… “you can’t copy protect a cd/dvd.” But a search on google returns many results saying it can be done, and while just about all of them say no copy-protection is full proof, any level of protection I can get is good enough for my purpose.

So far, these two links to have promise: http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com/?p=946 and http://www.cdmediaworld.com/hardware/cdrom/cd_protect_cd.shtml

The problem with the 1st link is that the version of nero used there is an old version, I have version 6, so its hard to follow through on the instructions after a given point. So if you can tell me how to use my nero express 6 to follow thru on those instructions on freedom to tinker the cash is urs (by paypal.) The 2nd link is too technical for my liking. So if you can break it down to abc for me… u get the prize.

I have also looked into hexalock and such, but I’m not too sure it’ll work for audio dvd’s. correct me if i’m wrong pls. Otherwise any1 who can point me in the right direction that I can understand and use myself wins the day.

Thanks all.