Do you think DVDFSB is an ilegal software??? Here’s the link DVD FAB


Absolutely not. If it is used as intended to backup discs that you [B]own, ( laws vary by country)[/B] it is perfectly legal.

It is probably illegal to sell in the U.S. Not illegal to purchase or use on discs that you own. The laws where you live may be different.

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It should be illegal not to use it. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Gummigutta;1959977]It should be illegal not to use it. :)[/QUOTE]

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I use Fab a lot, I’m in big trouble :bigsmile:

I’m guilty as well.

Arrest me for backing up my [B]legally bought and paid[/B] for DVDs!!



[B]What a lame frigging [B]boy scout [/B]question to ask on this site…[/B]I;m more suprised that anyone bothered to respond…

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I;m surprised I responded…

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I apologize for saying it’s lame but I truly believe if you guys answered yes it is illegal, he wouldn’t use it and that’s what’s got my funny bone tickled up here in Pa…

[QUOTE=Arachne;1960016]Hehehe :bigsmile:

I use Fab a lot, I’m in big trouble :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Use it, don’t abuse it!! :bigsmile::bow::bigsmile:

No,because again it’s a grey area.The dvdfab software as well as
many others are used to make backup’s of dvd’s you own. For example a t.vo or other device like a dvd recorder allow you to copy
movies , T.V. shows from cable or satellite T.V. Even though the
rights don’t change on the copyright owners of the movie,they
would have to prove that you or many other subscribers who pay
for their programming were coping and selling their movies[which
wouild be illegal]. That’s the reason for the r.c.e. across,dummy
sectors used by programmers are to prevent illegal copying of rented
dvd’s and to prevent copying and illeagal selling of their products.

No - It is not illegal.
It is not illegal to buy or use this software to back up any digital media that you legally own. It might be illegal to sell or distribute DVD decryption software in the US due to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, but the verdict is still out on that. There has not yet been a ruling to definitively determine the legality of this. The MPAA says it is, but they’ve blocked any attempt to resolve the question in a court of law thus far.
Do you remember 321 Studios and their (buggy) DVD X Copy? The MPAA hit them with an injunction against selling the “ripper” portion of their software, pending a proper court date in which the legality of the matter could be decided. The company went bankrupt before that court day ever came though, and the final verdict is still out.

Just for my own edification, can the people giving legal advice please state whether they are lawyers - and particularly if they specialise in intellectual property law?

Anyway, repeal of the DMCA is in the air!! :smiley: