Iiyama the best?



I want to buy a 19'iiyama monitor.

Are they the best ?


Not the best but price is good against quality.

Ctx monitors are good!


They are not the best, but they are pretty good. You can almost always recognize a good monitor: when it has high refresh rates at high resolutions, for example 100hz on 1280x1024 or 85hz on 1600x1200



I don’t like Ilyama because they are using sony trinitron screen and then you see an line in the middel of the screen so I say don’t buy!!!

buy an NEC or an ADI!!!

the best are sillicon graphics but you can’t buy these screens in the shops…

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Thanks guy’s but what must i buy then.

What’s very,very good ??


read the magazine computer totaal!

ctx is always commin out as one of the best!


most of iiyama screens don’t have the trinitron from sony! They are very good price-quality screens. And I think they are second(after philips and before sony!!!) of the most sold screens in the Netherlands.


Sorry RNG,but were can i get a CTX ?


mu_zik, if you want a CTX, go to MyCom(Amsterdam)

I had one, but I traded it for an iiyama(as you know).

By the way, drCrash, iiyama does not use Sony trinitron but Mitsubishi diamondtron tubes.


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I use a Iiyama vision master pro 17" screen and i must say it is very good. Old tecnology now but out of all the monitors i have seen it appears to be the flatest, which i find is another sign of a good quality monitor.


Buy a NEC much better…


I have a 19" and a 22" Iiyama and I will never buy a different brand. When you look at the price ( FL. 2100 incl. BTW for a 22") the choice is simple !!!



Okee Thanks Guy’s !


So what did you choose?

then i close this thread.


You can close this thread RNG.

I’ll buy the Iiyama.


Good choice!

i have a Iiyama 17# VisionMaster Pro 400, and i’m very happy with it!

To clear things up: Iiyama has On-Site garuanty, which means that they will come to your house if the monitor has any problems…

Also CTX is a B-brand, and Iiyama is a A-brand (i hope this doesn’t sound too dutchie… )