IIYAMA Flat Screen Monitor AS 4431D

I think I may have put some disks in the refuse by mistake including the Driver Disk for my IIyama Flat screen monitor As4431D can anyone help with the software.

I have tried IIYAMAs web site but it seems some of their links are down, I* am running Windows XP Pro.


You could give www.driverguide.com a try. You need to login to the website to get access to the downloads.

User: drivers
Pass: all.

That’s a universal login (no hacked account or so)!

I have it here, AS-4431D. It seems to work fine with the default MS driver though. Send me a PM with an email that accepts attachments and I’ll mail it to you. The file name is A4431dnn.ICM no version information available. The original download unpacks a whole bunch of files, but Win2000 is using that one here so that’s what I’ll send you.

BTW, fabulous monitor. :wink:

please can you send me this driver as well as i have the same monitor and i need the drivers for it?

WoW, you guys are high rollers, I always love that screen but too pricey for me.

my dad gave it to me, are they exspensive then?

Asking for a driver based on a two year old thread…I hope debro doesn’t see this or you’re going to be nominated for an award…
What’s next, Generalísimo Francisco Franco posting?

Great monitor. Have driver. It won’t change your performance any, but it does add color profiles for printers and such. Zip is 500KB, too large to post. PM me. for it. Does iiyama no longer offer the driver? http://www.iiyama.com/

This monitor sold for about $1100 USD when it first came out. It still compares well to the newer models for image quality, and exceeds all it’s specs. Fine for games and movies too. It originally also came with “Pivot” software that allows pivoting the screen to portrait mode, but it consumed huge amounts of CPU time.