iI've downloaded rar and par files now what?

I’m just getting started in the world of DVD burning. I’ve downloaded a few movies containg Winrar archive files and files such as r43, r44 etc. How do I convert these to burn with Nero or DVD decrypter to play on my stand-alone DVD player?

When I extract using winrar the file becomes and avi file that I can play on my computer, but I want to be able to burn to a disc. Is it possible?

Bob in VA

Defenetly, You can use Winmpg: www.winmpg.com
IT will enable you to convert Avi files to mpg ones, so thus, enabeling you to use nero to burn the movie onto dvd (or in case of a vcd file, a cd-r…)
When i say mpg, i mean the mpeg2 format…


Thanks I dl’d winmpg and tried to convert avi to mpg2 only to get a “get video frames” error message. Any clue?.

Really… hum… never did this to me…
Any ways give me more details on what you are trying to achieve, cause you can other burning softwares than nero, to burn directly your .avi file without converting it…

I downloaded a movie from suprnova through Bit Torrent and went through winrar to open it up. Once opened, I discovered that it was an avi file that plays perfectly on my pc. Now I’d like to take the avi file copy it to a dvdr to be viewed by a stand-alone dvd player. I tried dvdshrink, nero express and nero burn and decrypter, but none of theses recognize the file as compatible.