IIS-DVD/CD- error ( notebook M105-S3004)

I have a Toshiba M105 S3004 and I am in need of use the Internet Information service (IIS) component that have already put in the machine, but the IIS is not workink. So I was in the “Settings-adds or remove program- Add/ remove Windows components wizard” and I selected the IIS to reinstall it, that had already come as 13.5MB, which is the correct.

After this the IIS work well, but the icon of the internet exporer 7 as wel as the icon of the driver D, of the DVD/CD driver (Matshita DVD-Ram U-841S), both desappeared from my computer.

Entering the "System manager"there was a yellow question (?) mark error from the DVD driver.Them I made a download of the DVD driver from Toshiba website but it doesn’t install. Is the ta6dvdramx.exe that have 60MB, but the windows Drive cache, has 90MB (?) The DVD driver becames on error.

On the other hand I uninstalled it and reboot the machine to reconize the "new"hardware, but the error remained. So, I had to restore the system and the IIS didn’t work again but the DVD/CD and the IE7 retourned to work normally. Could you help me to install the ISS correctly in order to avoid these problem that I have described to you above and obtain positive results? I have already reinstalled the OS, twice.

Thanks in advance. Thanks for your time.
tom gomes:a