iHES312 Riplock? Help?

Okay, I’ve spent the last four/five hours trying to find a way to extract LiteOn firmware so I can modify the read settings (i.e. Riplock/Smart-x) on my newly purchased Bluray readers iHES312.

However, MediaCodeSpeedEdit seems not to support it because when I load the .exe firmware everything is greyed out.

Thus, can someone please either help me unleash the full reading/ripping capability of this drive or tell me to return the item and which one I should order to get max Bluray reading?

Thanks in advance.

“max Bluray reading” also depends on the used media and content, eg. pressed movie BD with the usual protections…

[QUOTE=chef;2660022]“max Bluray reading” also depends on the used media and content, eg. pressed movie BD with the usual protections…[/QUOTE]

Exactly. If I’m ripping my Bluray collection to hard drive so the kids don’t scratch them to bits, what can I expect?

From my research I know:

  1. What I rip it to shouldn’t matter much since Bluray drives even at max speed are slower than normal HDDs. That being said, I’m ripping to an SSD so that’s not the issue.
  2. Processor power shouldn’t matter - I have an i7 2600k @ 5.0ghz.
  3. Memory shouldn’t matter - 32gb RAM.
  4. Bluray drives will get faster on the outer ring of the disc or vice versa, again, not concerned here.

What I’m concerned about is that riplock will slow my drive down intentionally due to some stupid DRM firmware insert. I’d prefer to unlock it and heard that LiteOn drives were good. However, I can’t seem to access the firmware/mod it.

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Judging by the specs on your drive, you probably should have gone with the likes of a iHBS 112/312 or LG BH14NS40. For BD-R DL, which is a large percentage of commercial BDs, your drive is limited to 6x reading, the 112/312 and LG read at 8x. No rip-lock. The LG rips SL BD at 10x vs 112/312 at 8x. LG BD-ROM drives are riplocked.

MCSE can’t work with stock Lite-on flasher, you would need to obtain a .bin firmware to test and see if the read speed increase that it has works on your unsupported drive, like the iHES models that are supported by that tool. Firmwares on the newest Lite-on BD-RW drives can’t be successfully downloaded directly from the drive with the newest flash utility to obtain a valid .bin to work with. I don’t know if it will work on your new model ROM drive.

I would be inclined to trade up for a model that is faster out of the box.

Thanks. I will probably return them tomorrow.

I have been using the LG UH12LS28 drives. I managed to use the Mediatool on it, but it popped up a strange error - though it did let me check the “reading increase” box.

Any opinion on these drives?

In other words, what drive out there let’s me read Bluray DL @ 12x or 10x? And are they riplocked/supported by the good folks in this forum?