iHBS312 - enable or disable HT, OHT, SmartBurn?



Hi all, I’m new to the whole Liteon drive thing, just wondering if the following options are simply marketing gimmicks/should be disabled?

-Force Hyper Tuning
-Online Hyper Tuning

I’ve read the whole FAQ about Hyper Tuning (AWS) by Liteon but I still can’t figure if it’s actually good to have it ‘forced’ or not and whether or not to just disable smart burn.

tl;dr I guess what I’m getting at is does enabling any of these so-called ‘features’ actually produce better quality results/less erroneous burns?


Yes, the features can help. They can equally hurt.

It’s down to the individual to manually test if the settings are better one way or another for whatever media they are using.

If you aren’t having issues with write quality, then it’s not worthwhile to change the settings.

If you are having issues with the drive maintaining a consistent write quality across a disc, and the disc itself isn’t bad, then enabling OHT might help. OHT will force the drive to be a little more intelligent with its internal write parameters; it will make slightly more aggressive changes if it sees a problem along the way. These changes could be good or bad, which you would only know by checking the resulting burns.

If you are having issues with the drive not being quite as good with one batch of media as with another, but you know the media is good, the drive might benefit from FHT to learn the media a bit better. Of course, the drive can also learn worse strategies, so testing every so often is beneficial.

If you want the drive to be less intelligent about its initial write speed decision (among a few other internal decisions), SmartBurn should be disabled. Mind that it can still do the speed it thinks is best (it will drop to a lower speed if it can, and it thinks a slower speed is better), but the drive is more likely to plow ahead with your decision.

Some media may result in FHT and/or OHT being enabled regardless of your user setting. It’s possible SmartBurn would be enabled in some situations, as well.

Leaving everything as its set now, if you are having no issues, is probably a good decision.


OK, thanks Albert!

Slightly offtopic, but what can I do to backup my Eeprom? C0dekings Eeprom Utility (6.2.0) simply spits back:

Nero Info tool shows I have 2012 manufactured drive, so a second generation drive I guess.


You can’t do anything.