iHBS212 Firmware Help

I picked up the Liteon iHBS212 this week and it came with 5L03 FW on the drive. I have been using it quite a bit with some of my stock older Verbatim 8x and original TDK TTH02 media that I use for all my important backups and I was not happy with the burn quality.

I ran the Liteon Smartpack utility but it did not find any updates and nothing exists on any of the various Liteon sites I could find. After searching in these forums I found 5L06 on firmwarehq and flashed the drive. In my opinion for what I am doing it is a little worse than the original so I went to flash 5L03 back on the drive and the installer does not like the drive. I am guessing something changed in the ID string or it just does not want to downgrade the version.

Can someone help point me to some tools or firmware for this drive that will allow me to reflash the orignal firmware?


Nevermind I found the tools I just do not have the original .BIN firmware. I am going to post over in the HD thread instead.

Please check your PM.

  1. Is your IHBS212 working better now?

  2. What’s the latest firmware you have?

  3. What tools are you using?
    I’ve read quite a few posts here and elsewhere. Most of the tools seem quite old.
    My IHBS212 was manufactured in August 2010 and has firmware 5LO3. I don’t know if this drive uses a “Serial Flash”. One of my main goals here is to increase DVD and Blu-Ray reads speeds, but keep the reads accurate. Right now it hits 8x.

  4. Have you been able to improve on that?

Thank you for any help.

I was never able to get 5L03 back on the drive. Someone here sent me a flash file for it but it would not recognize my drive. I really wish I had save 5L03 from the drive.

If you get a chance could you use the Flash Utility and read your firmware back to a .bin file and post it here?

Sorry did not answer your question. With 5L06 firmware, read speed about 8X and some of my media does not write quite as well. I would reccomend maybe not upgrading to 5L06 and wait for something later. My problem is that Liteon does not seem to every release standalone flashers any more and the Smart Update utility never finds a later version even thought I know some have been released.