"ihbs212-08 vs IHBS312-98" which is best? (& why $$ more on older?)

Was wondering if anyone knows why the newer drive is cheaper than the older model?

Does the ihbs212-08 perform better? (this one costs more at $109.00)

Are there known problems with the IHBS312-98? (this one is $79.00)

In fact, I just looked at a comparison chart and specs are identical. What are the differences between the two burners?

Thank you!

The 212 has LightScribe, the 112/312 do not.

Ah…Thanks for that info!

what is the chipset of IHBS312?

[QUOTE=deanwitty;2650897]The 212 has LightScribe, the 112/312 do not.[/QUOTE]
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All of the iHBS112, 212, and 312 have been based on the MediaTek MT1939MWDU chipset.