iHBS112 jitter scanning inexplicably stopped working

I’ve been using my rebadged iHBS112 (Asus flavor) to do quality scans for two other drives I’m trying out. Some time in the past day, the drive stopped doing jitter scanning properly. That is, it would start for about a second or so, and then stop. Doesn’t matter how long I wait, it just gets stuck there, the scan never moving beyond 99.9% complete. I flashed my drive back down to PL01, and then back up to PL06, but that changed nothing. Anybody else encounter this issue?

Apparently the jitter scan is happening, but at a crawl - takes hours. Weirdness.

A close reading of Device Manager led to the answer. For some reason, all my HDDs
and optical drives were being detected as “ATA Devices”, instead of “Scsi” as they
were before. Also, checking on driver info under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers listed
each ATA Channel separately, plus the Intel driver…except when you click for
driver details, all that’s shown is Microsoft’s generic drivers.
I reinstalled Intel INF/Chipset Drivers a few times, but this did nothing.
A reinstallation of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers fixed it. That, apparently,
is where iAstorA and iAstorV are kept. Somehow it got deleted - there’s a chance I may have uninstalled
it by mistake, confusing it with Intel Rapid Start, which is something else -
and putting it back set things right.

Thank you for this useful info!

[QUOTE=blackened2687;2725852]Thank you for this useful info![/QUOTE]

My pleasure :slight_smile: