iHBS112 - Flash Gordon BD retail will not load / read




I have a iHBS112 which has up until now played all rental titles just fine but today I received Flash Gordon on Blu ray and the disc won’t even load in my iHBS112 (the drive just spins / clicks) .

I thought the disc may have been defective though it looked fine (it sure it flimsy and nearly transparent which is a 1st that I have noticed) - but I played it in a friend’s Sony s370 set top player and it played back immediately without issues.

Just for the heck of it I upgraded my firmware to CL0K (which I hope I don’t regret as I have been on CL0G for the past few months with excellent results at using Memorex Ritek BD-25 media @ 8X) - the firmware upgrade as I feared didn’t help with the inability to read the Flash Gordon BD disc.

I’ve searched the net for compatibility issues with the Flash Gordon BD and have yet to find any instances of anyone having an issue playing the disc (PC or set top).

I’ve had a few disc state that they were not compatible with my drive when attempting to playback via TotalMedia Theater 5 but those discs played back fine using Media Player Classic - also in the case of those discs - even though TotalMedia couldn’t play them - the files / disc itself were read fine by the iHBS112 .

If anyone has any info / advice for assisting me in getting this BD to load , I’d really appreciate it.


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Though this disc looked fine and played well in a Sony s370, after trying it again in my Litey, it played fine, not sure why it wasn’t reading it originally (didn’t clean or make any changes).