IHBS112-115 with IHBS112-2 firmware, normal ? how to rollback?


I buy a IHBS112-115 and i just see that the current firmware is for IHBS112-2 !

I figure that i doing a firmware flash last year with a bad firmware (-2 instead of -115).

I notice that i was not able to rip audio CD correctly, maybe for this reason ?!

How can i rollback to 112-115 firmware properly please ?

Best Regards.

-115 is just the region code.

Which version of the firmware did you have before and which version do you have right now?

The -2 and -115 are not part of the drive model, just part of the information for packaging & distribution. The drive inside the package is the same. If you managed to flash the firmware, it was the right firmware for your drive.

The inability to rip CDs is caused by something else.

[edit: great minds think alike. ;)]

Ok, so i dunno why i have this issue for rip audio CD.
I use CDex for doing it, maybe this software is not able to doing it properly with this drive ?