iHBS 112 reading DVDs at 6x instead of 16x



I have a ASUS BW 12B1ST which I successfully flashed to an iHBS 112 in the hopes of fixing a faulty read speed on DVDs. I bought GTAV and noticed that it was installing at a ridiculously slow speed. ODC 1.7 only shows 6x and 4x in the drop down menu for testing the transfer rate. I havn’t managed to get a 5x test rate with 6x selected. The ASUS support page states that the drive is capable of a 16x read rate for DVD-ROMs. This happens with any DVD I have tried. I’ve had this drive for 2 years. I am using Windows 10.

I did notice an error in the events tab of the device properties stating that the device could not be migrated. It also states a last instance ID relating to a virtual drive program. The current driver being used is cdrom.inf, which is the only driver available. I have tried copying files from a DVD to HDD while running Mint Linux off a USB stick with no improvement. The SATA interface is set to AHCI and not IDE or whatever. Any Ideas?


No one knows why it would report an incorrect read speed? I’m going to fetch a 16 year old DVD drive, see if it’s faster.


I think someone else has had a similar issue, and the general consensus is that it’s related to how the drive has aged, with no known fix.


Ironically, the drive burns DVDs at 16x, still reads at 6x. Does this sound like RipLock?

I tried forcing the drive to a higher speed with hdparm in Mint Linux, which did nothing.

I bought an LG GH24 from best buy. Learning that I paid double what it’s worth, I went back to get a price match. They refused the price match because the model number was slightly different than the LG GH24NSC0B, and so I did a full return.

I’ve ordered an LG GH24NSC0B from Amazon for $18. Not too enthused with Liteon at the moment.


It’s not the normal riplock. It has no known fix.