iHAS524 Scanning Query

Going from the two test scans I assume with the iHAS524 you have to scan at x8 and not x4, but it seems to scan +R DL discs fine at x4. Jitter on the test scan was a bit higher than when I scanned the same disc a few weeks ago with my old DH20A4P.

That really surprises me. I don’t have a 524, but every other LiteOn drive I have, has always produced similar or better scan results at 4x, compared to 8x. I must say however, that I haven’t done a 4x scan for some time now, it’s just too slow…

Done a test on the same disc at x6, the jitter seem a little lower. Going on the scan tests it seems this drive for single layers doesn’t like scanning lower than x6.

Firmware BL2U has fixed the scanning problem at 4x speed.

Updated the fw now. Cheers