IHAS524 Jitter speed not working?



How do I get Jitter Scan to work? Nero Discspeed 5 does not read Jitter and neither does Opti Drive Control 1.30 but the box is selectable for testing it.


Have you tried this version of C0deKing’s special CDSpeed version
for Liteon drives you will need to have this version to get the jitter to work
correctly as long as it has the MTK chip-set and not the NEC chip-set in it. :iagree:



Yes I have and it is the MTK chipset it has the metal on the SATA connectors in back. But for some reason I can’t get the jitter test to read… the checkbox is enabled and when the opti drive control 1.3 is scanning I see the numbers below jitter but when it finishes… no values are listed under jitter.


Some SATA controllers will not allow jitter scanning. My Intel ICH10 will not allow it. I have to use my iHAS524 on a Silicon Image PCI-E card read the jitter.


Ok thanks… that is probably it… this is an older board an SB600 Chipset so very possible that is the problem… I am saving up for one of the newer MSI Military Component Grade boards that really look impressive.