Ihas524 b eeprom repair

Hello, I have the IHAS524 B and the light started to blink and I when I did the checksum repair it said sorry, the eeprom checksum cannot be repaired by this utility. Contact the CodeGuys! I seen ppl repair them on this site so I thought I post. I attached them but I dont know which one it is.


and is the eeprom back up after it started messing up

much appreciated

Unlike the firmware, the EEPROM of each drive is unique (contains unique calibration data for each individual drive) and should not be interchanged between drives, unless it is a matter of last resort and all other possible avenues have been exhausted or failed.

ALWAYS make a backup of the EEPROM before any crossflash and keep it safe. Same goes for the firmware.

I needed the backup so much.