Ihas524 a bl2h

Who has the BL2H firmware?
Please email it to me ([email removed])
Or Upload it :sad:

1.with the Tool:


  1. or here:

no see IHAS524 A BL2H please look for me

Xxheosuazz, there are no BL2H firmware at firmwarehq site… I’m afraid that only way to get this version is to read it with FlashUtility from the drive that uses that firmware version. :frowning:

This looks like an old post: http://club.myce.com/f44/ihas524-bl2h-firmware-321155/

The file was once available in that thread, but the link expired…

Why is this firmware so popular if the latest firmware works fine? :confused:

[I]Maybe for some kind of patching?[/I]

Get BL2H here.

and what is so special about the BL2H?

[QUOTE=KTL;2694423]Get BL2H here.[/QUOTE]
file .bin how to open ?

If you’re asking how to flash the .bin, with Flash Utility 6.0.1: