IHAS424-98 y firmware

Hi Liggy

I have this CD/DVD/RW IHAS424-98 y in my computer I’m using window xp professional when i put the driver in my computer and start it back up I found out it could read and play cd but only read dvd couldn’t burn to them I used the cd that cam with IHAS424-98 Y try to find firmware at <cite>www.liteonit.com but they didn’t have a firmware there can you help
GUI version v1.50
Drive interface v1.34
NEC interface v1.50
NEC internal v1.50

This is NOT a firmware issue. You need a proper DVD/CD burning software.

I have nero and converx to dvd on my pc and both software work fine I have used them before me dvd/rw went out that came in this computer the new iHAS424-98 y that I install in my computer show to only be a stander cd-rom driver but it’s not. It’s a CD/DVD/RW

Does the IHAS424-98 Y have any firmware or Bit setting tool that allows for DVD ROM book-type to be written to a DL DVD?:confused:

I thought this would be the right one to burn DL DVD’s with DVD ROM book type but I am starting to think I made a mistake for the second time. First Mistake was the IHAS124-04 Y… Im just having no luck with these burners… Can anyone help a lost soul? :bow: