Ihas424-98 B Firmware Problem

Hello everyone. First time posting here and having a major problem with my DVD drive. I recently bought the iHAS424-98 B drive at newegg.com and installed it today. It was working fine up until i used a utility from Lite-On called Smartpack which updated the firmware from G14 to GL18. Ever since i updated the drive, it wont read any cd’s or dvd’s. It shows up under my devices and my computer but it wont work at all. It wont spin and makes a clicking noise now. Im wondering if theres a way to use a different firmware and fix my drive back to its current state. Ive been reading up on the forums but just so confused as to how to flash this darn thing. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

First off Welcome to the forum iberican87 :smiley:

Sounds like another Smart Pack FW update gone bad / corrupt to me I never
use anything like Smart Pack to update FW over the internet too many things
can and usually do go wrong.

Try using this right here along with this FW to reflash your drive and see if it will help.

Flash Utility for LiteOn Based Optical Drives Version 6.0.1

LiteOn iHAS424 B GL18 - stock

Thank you getit29 for the response. I downloaded the flash utility and the Firmware, but when i open the flash utility and write the flash it tells me “Unexpected Error Reading File”.

I dont know if this helps but the Flash ID is : EF 14 00 2F B
Flash Size is : 2 MB
Flash type : NEX(NX25P 16) - (1-0)

Hope that helps… :confused:

Still no luck :frowning:

Did you run the firmware updater as Administrator in Vista/7? If you don’t and you have UAC on that will have issues. (it’s on by default, and it you turn it off, it’ll nag so almostly certain yes).

I wouldn’t use the auto updater, Smartpack. go to firmwarehq.com and download the standalone executables specific to your drive (careful, there’s two versions of the iHAS524, but it still shouldn’t let you if you download the wrong one). If you execute them as I mentioned you need to do, you should not have any problems.