iHAS422 possible to crossflash to anything higher?

hey folks,

I got a simple question for the experts here. Couldn’t really find an answer searching the forums.
Can I crossflash my iHAS422 to let’s say a 424/524/624 maybe?
If so, which tools do I need to use to accomplish this task?
Or am I stuck @422 ?



If the model is “iHAS422 A”, it can be crossflashed do 424 ( only lightscribe ), 524 ( only labeltag ). Crossflash to 624 A remains untested since a unscrambled firmware just show 2 days ago.


it’s a ihas422 8 I think, not an “A”. What’s the difference? Since my 422 is definately lightscribe capable as well … how would I crossflash then? Or is my model not supported?


There were ‘8’, ‘9’, and ‘A’ based chipsets that MediaTek supplied to LiteOn to manufacture the 22x drives. The ‘A’ was a new revision of ‘9’, which was a new revision of ‘8’. The first 24x drives were based on the ‘A’ chipset, so anyone lucky enough to have owned the 22x ‘A’ series drives were capable of crossflashing them to the 24x. Unfortunately, your drive is ‘8’, so there is NO crossflash possible.