iHAS324B No longer recognized

Hey guys,

Weird problem here. I was successfully able to flash my iHas324B with the BurnerMax firmware using my laptop and a Sata-to-USB cable. All was running fine and I was able to use the drive.

I then unplugged my drive from my laptop when I took my laptop to school, and now when I plug the drive back in, my laptop no longer recognizes the drive. Nothing happens when I scan for hardware changes in the device manager. Drive doesn’t show up in EEPROM either. I’m running Windows 7, and tried the advice posted in this thread.

Power to the drive is working. The drive ejects and spins when a DVD is put inside.

I thought perhaps it was the cable I was using and went to return it, and the store tested it and it worked for them on one of their drives.

Anyone have any suggestions for something I may be missing?

Much appreciated.