iHAS324 means "I has 3 coasters for every 24 attempts"?



Ok, it is actually a bit worse than just the subject.

I use Linux, but if really needed, I know I CAN boot XP64 (that is the only Windows I own).
I have several problems with this drive.
I bought this drive as an I/O Magic drive, I see 'iHAS324 Y BL1W" data from K3B device data; K3B is installed in Kubuntu 10.04 LTS for 64 bit Desktop.
I’d offer specific data about the media I use, but I’m not sure how to read it off the blanks using Linux.
My media: Kodak CD-R 700megs bought new 2 years ago, and Staples DVD+R RW media, 16X compatible.

1] Burning coasters is a talent I wish this drive would not display. It isn’t every attempt that gives me coasters, but 1 in 10 is what I’m estimating, and that seems a bit high. I always burn slow - 3/4 the rated speed or less; the media has not been a problem for an older burner (the old burner dragually stopped working, wouldn’t even read commercial software CDs, so I presumed it was totally dead).

2] Some discs get burned and even verify correctly while still in the burner, but after I quit K3B (my burning program), this drive often can’t seem to read the disc it just burned and verified (yes, I eject, close the empty tray, then open the tray and try to reread the disc). I put the disc into another drive on the same system (LTD163D DVD-ROM) and usually I have not a lick of trouble with the disc. Once on a while, the iHAS can burn a disc, can verify the disc as good, and yet NOTHING can read the disc. Again, my stock of media wasn’t a problem before this drive.

Ok. You folks have the experience, I’m barley averaging 3 discs a month.

Is the media I listed known to be a troublesome in such a manner that you folks believe it would cause the problems I see? Maybe I’m too optimistic, I feel that in the past 5 years, media factories that can’t produce quality discs should, in my opinion, have closed from lack of revenues, bu then again…

If my media seems to not be the CLEAR problem, what are my options for flashing the drive so it will become a perfect drive (haha!)?


The burning software has no influence on writing quality, because is the drive firmware that actually write the disc, but if the burning software is buggy and sends the wrong commands to firmware, you can get a coaster.

So, to exclude a software issue, I suggest to try ImgBurn, a windows software that can be run effectively in Linux using WINE. If ImgBurn solve these issues, then you should avoid k3b.

However, I’m suspecting that the cause is media you are using. Rewritable media are not completely reliable, but kodak CD shouldn’t be that bad.

To exclude the discs as cause of the problem, try with a proven quality disc like Verbatim (both for CD and DVD). If with verbatim discs you have no problems, then avoid these kodak discs with the liteon 324 :slight_smile:

Did you try to update firmware? Maybe is better to use Windows to update firmware, because often there is no linux compatible flasher :frowning:


Thanks for the assistance. In WindowsXP64, I had installed and used CDBurnerXP (do you think that CDBurnerXP is a good program?), but creating just one disc isn’t a real test; I don’t need to burn a lot when I’m in Windows these days.

Come to think of it, this drive has shown problems reading and booting a lot of discs I’ve burned with many drives including itself. The same discs almost always boot and work fine in the LTD163 DVDROM drive. So yeah, I think flashing might be useful.

I went to the LiteON website, but LiteON isn’t presenting any firmware for this drive on the US site (not as I navigated it, but maybe they won’t tell the general public?). I know from being here some years back, that there are community developed flashing tools, and I learned how firmware from some models can often be safely used in other models, so if you have a link for this iHAS324, I’ll look that link over to see if I grasp what is needed.