iHAS324 B Trouble Reading Pio 115D MKM-003 Burns

Hello all. I’m wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or possibly has any insight on the matter. It’s not a huge problem, but it’s a bit of an annoyance.

I recently bought an iHAS324 B w/ AL15 fw to replace my older IDE Lite-On. This allowed me to install my 115D that’s been in storage for awhile. Once I did I flashed it to the newer 1.22fw using MCSE and added RPC1 patch, bitsetting and Increased Read Speed. I also updated my iHAS324 to AL18 and only left Smartburn on.

So this is where my minor annoyance occurs. I burned two separate Verbatim MKM-003 DL’s. One with my Optiarc 7200a and the other with my Pio 115D to compare. The 7200a had absolutely no problems being read by my Lite-On and scanned perfectly with CD Speed. Once I load my 115D burn, it’s pretty much a 60/40 chance that it’ll be picked up by the Lite-On. Once it does though, it scans just as well as the 7200a burn. I’ve also tried the DL in my 7200a with no problems reading. Also, my dvd player has no problems loading the DL, but I have yet to watch it.

I tried re-flashing my 115D using same to same flashing and this time I only ticked bitsetting. It seemed to make no difference. I tried flashing my Lite-On back to AL 15, but I’m having problems figuring out how :o. I haven’t messed with fw for quite awhile so I’m rusty… I’m tempted to try a new power and sata cable, but I can’t see that being the problem, considering I have no problem with any other disc burned so far, including DVD+R burned with the same 115D.

My only guess is that it has trouble reading the 115d’s particular burning strategy… Like I said it’s more of an annoyance, but it may point to an issue with DL burning on my 115.

Any advice, tips or just opinions are appreciated.