iHAS124 D Scanning Problem


I have an iHAS124 D drive and it gives very high/erroneous PO and PI errors when scanning. Did any of you noticed similar behavior with this drive?

I have downgraded the frimware from 8L0A to 8L05 but it remained the same.

The below images show scans of the same disc done with two different Lite-on drives.

Thanks for any help.

Not erroneous. Quite a few generations of LiteOn drives have wide variances with the way they report. Earlier LiteOn drives would probably report errors from the Pioneer’s burns in a similar fashion to the 124 D, including the PIF spikes from the frequent recalibration that older Pioneers do during burns.

Thanks for the reply, Albert.

Which drive should I consider more credible to scan with?

I had the same issue with iHAS124 D. I think B and C drives are more consistent in their results.