iHAS124 B firmware


Is it possible to flash iHAS124 B to an old firmware? Where can I download old firmware for this drive?



But dunno whether it will work, most drives don´t like downgrade.

It´s a question for our crossflash-experts here


When crossflashing iHAS122 C, I discovered than with old firmware (XL01), in Nero DiscSpeed (latest version the ID of DVD+R media is reported, but with new firmware (XL0A) it is not. So I am thinking to try the same with iHAS124 B.


Strange, but I still use mostly old version of Discspeed. I think no version offers Jitter-scan for the x24 F series, so it´s no difference for me which version I use. And old versions don´t need to be installed


After further investigation I think the problem is present in all versions of the firmware.

Regardless which drive is used to read the disc, for all empty DVD+R media ID is always reported, but for some written DVD+R media ID is reported and for some it is not. For example for discs written with Plextor PX-891SA media ID is reported, but for discs written with Samsung SH-224BB it is not.

With old versions of DiscSpeed when running two simultaneous tests, opening the tray of one drive disrupts the test (graph) of the other drive.

I have an iHAS124 F and jitter works with


I user this version of CDSpeed, but my 124 F can´t scan jitter. And I´ve scanned more than 800 DVDs with it. I have an other FW, CL9J

I remember an other bug on the x24 B-series, my 524 B shows DVD+R as DVD+RW.

Could it be that some of your drives do bitset to DVD-ROM?


I think there are two versions of iHAS124 F, so maybe you don’t have the same as mine (I have the one without DVD-RAM support). But jitter should work with either.

I have seen on rare occasions the bug with DVD+R shown as DVD+RW.

All my drives are set to bitset to DVD-ROM, but why would this prevent ID from showing?


Was only an idea. An unwritten +R don´t have the ROM-flag and you wrote this is shown correct.

I always don´t use bitsetting if I can choose it. Even my oldest DVD-standalone had no problems without bitsetting.

I can´t remember it exactly, but some drive have/had scan-probs with DVD-ROM-booktype. The drives stopped before end of disc

Liteon have x-drives in x-versions, different numebrs after 124 x


You may have right as I wrote a disc using Plextor PX-891SA by accident without DVD-ROM booktype and the media ID is reported correctly in Nero DiscSpeed. But not using DVD-ROM booktype is not really a solution.



If a cheap DVD-player from 2004 can read all formats without bitsetting, alls DVD-RW-drives also, why use bitsetting?


I started using it with DVD-VIDEO for compatibility and I continue to use it until this day.