iHAS124-12 FU?



I was in Fry’s the other day and they had a new shipment of ODs in. One of them caught my eye. It’s a clearly labeled LITE-ON drive model # iHAS124-12 FU Manf data: May 2015.

The odd thing was that it said it supported M-DISC. I thought that was an LG only thing. I looked in blackened drive list and didn’t see in ‘FU’ variant.

Anyone know anything about this? Did I miss a change at LITE-ON?


It is in LiteOn Optical Drives Table V1.5 Blackened 2687 added to the model main LiteOn iHAS 122 \ 124 \ 324 F.
The designation U is just the kind of drive enclosure ---- two mounting screws and other fastening carriage OPU. Technically there is no difference between the versions of the F \ FU.
Here photographs iHAS 124FU and accurate changes in the housing for this type (ihas 120XU)


NE has had the iHAS324-17 with M-DISC support for some time now, which is a ‘F’-series. This M-DISC drive support list shows which drives support them.


^ at the website KTL linked above, you’ll see that LiteOn in particular has had two prior DVDRW hardware revisions (the direct predecessor E, and the Optiarc-derived W) which support M-DISC DVD media. So it’s not totally new.


Thanks for all the replies! Okay, I’d rusty and missed it. My concern was that it was a rebranded LG drive or, as Albert points out, a Optarc derived one.

crazy2mary1, that’s what confused me. I didn’t think the FU was the same as the F. And now I know. Thanks!


All models LiteOn IHAS markings C-CU \ D-DU \ E-EU-EUV \ F-FU\ W-WU \ X-XU differs only in the type of casing.