iHAS122-18 CU



Does anyone have any information about the iHAS122-18 CU and how it performs compared to the iHAS124-04 DU?


Why do you want comparisons between a 22x burner with a ‘C’ chipset to a 24x burner with a ‘D’ chipset?


I don’t really want a comparison and I don’t care about maximum burning speed or chipset used. I am just asking if anyone knows if one of the two drives is better than the other. I read that some older LiteOn drives are better than the most recent. I can get either of the two at the same price.


You can find the physical difference between the C and D series here. The C drive doesn’t seem to be a reliable scanner, if that matters to you. Otherwise, you’ll have to check the scan results from C and D threads to determine your answer.