iHAS-524 Audio CD Ripping Speeds

I just purchased a Lite-on iHAS 524 to supplement my iHAS324 for Audio CD ripping. While my iHAS 324 routinely surpasses 20x+ speeds (rip times less than 4:00 mins), my iHAS 524 does not exceed 8x.

I use itunes for ripping these CD’s because I am mostly ripping audiobooks and I like the features itunes has to support them.

I used the NERO CD-DVD Speed application to verify it wasn’t iTunes causing the problems and experienced similar reading difficulties. While the iHAS324 would read at about 33x, the iHAS524 would hardly pass 8x. I performed this test using the ScanDisk tab with the read test option enabled.

I have tried swapping SATA ports for the iHAS524 as my previous drive an SH-S203 was similarly slow, but it did not resolve the issue.

Does anyone know what could be causing this, or is it just that the iHAS324 is much better at ripping audio CD’s? I can provide additional information about my setup if needed.

Do both drives have the same chipset? My iHAP422-98 (Mediatek chipset) doesn’t have that problem. In fact, the sole reason I purchased this particular model was for the audio extraction features it has that are apparently not present in the NEC chipset variants of iHAS models.