iHas 424B blinking led

So… I made the mistake of flashing my iHas 424B without backing up my EEPROM, and during the flash it failed and I bricked the drive.

I ended up being able to recover/restore the drive using DOSFlash, but now that I’ve got the drive back and recognized by windows the drive simply does not read disks and sits there blinking for ever…

From what I read it sounds like my existing EEPROM is corrupted, some posts suggested “Convert Drive” in the EEPROM Utility but when I try that I get “Invalid EEPROM File”

Since my current EEPROM is busted and I don’t have a backup what are my options? I read that using an EEPROM from another drive isnt recommended unless its a last resort, but at this point short of tossing the drive in the trash it appears to be utterly useless…

Any help?

If anyone is willing to upload there iHas 424B EEPROM file I’d be willing to give that a try and would really appreciate it.