iHAS 324 Y



Hi All

I had Lite on iHAS 324 Y with Nec Chipset. When I burn with Maxell DVD-R ( CMC MAG AM3 ) it has PIE around 300. I had try to flash to other firmware but it still had higher PIE.

The drive able to produced low PIE below 10 when burn Verbatim DVD-R & DVD+R.

Maxell DVD-R had PIE below 10 after it burn wth Sony DRU-880.

How to setting the drive able to had PIE below 10 with Maxell DVD-R ?

The Maxell I use was like this :



Newer Maxell’s are made in India. So they are much bad than they used to be. Change media if u want better result. The new ones have usually moser bauer india media code MBI 01RG40, while the earlier good ones were RITEK F16 and RITEKF1. I’d say just buy Verbatim media.


I was use Maxell made in Taiwan. It was good media, just the iHAS 324 Y unbale to burn good quality on this media.


Poor all the way, or just at the end when the speed is increasing?
It’s “16x” , but maybe taking it down a notch to 12X would be better, or even to 8X - as some 16X media really does not cut it at full speed.


I had burn with 4 x and 8 x speed but it wasn’t better. Maybe the driver wasn’t good for CMC MAG AM3 disc.