iHAS 124 problem

Hello I just got my iHAS 124-04 D and I have a problem. I use Ubuntu 9.10 and I installed QpxTool so that I can quality scan my discs. It does find my LiteOn but when I click start tests in one second it says all tests finished and it did nothing. What can I do? Using Wine, Opti Drive Control says no drives found. EDIT: IT works with Nero cd/speed but no jitter. Why? I use Do I need a special LiteOn patched version or something?

Sorry for double-post, but I can’t edit the other one. The first scan of a disc got 84 QS, and then scanned again I got 90 QS. Why? Also, with SE3 version it still doesn’t show up jitter. EDIT: I just enabled it in Advanced tab. Let’s see if it works. But still why the difference in QS in scanning the same disc just after 5 minutes difference? Maybe dirt or vibrations? Now the third scan is 84 again. Also, at which speed should I scan?

I got a new problem. When burning and scanning with this LiteOn, I get very high PIE Total (1 Milion or so) but PIF is fine on the same disc (Max 3 , QS 95). Can you tell me why? Should I try to burn with old LG H42N instead and just scan with LiteOn? Is my LG a better burner? Also I’m scanning at 4x all the time. Thanks.

I have similar issues with this drive. I get high PI errors (compared with scans of the same discs using other LiteOn drives) and jitter not working. Lets hope that it’s a firmware issue that will be solved (even though I doubt it).

Can anybody help me? My H42N doesn’t work anymore. On any DVD I try to burn with CD/DVD Speed after some seconds it gives NO ADDITIONAL SENSE ERROR. I use Ubuntu and running Nero with Wine.

You do know that do it yourself scans are not of much real value. It shows errors that the drive you using finds and most of the time you will get something different depending on how warm the drive is. The best test you can make at home (without a $100,000 doller scaner) is WILL IT PLAY on the dvd players that I have. At one time if the PIFs were over 500 I would throw that copy away. On one that had a Quality score of 0 played well on 3 different brand of players. I quit scanning and just used good TY 8X disc.