iHAS 124-04 WU Chipset?

Hi all

Anyones known the chipset used by iHAS 124-04 WU ?


If this is the “iHAS124 W” drive, then it has a chipset from Renesas based on the SCOMBO NEC chipsets. In a full memory dump I found an indication that the chipset’s internal name could be “Helios H9V”

do you guys think, that the WU is the answer to the Paylaod tool?

Because this tool released december 2012, and since end december 2012 the WU is there.

But there was already a Y, as far as i know, Y has had a Nec chipset, too. So maybe WU and D willl be produced togheter in future?

And what is the difference between D and DU, or W and WU?