iHAS 120 flash problem

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can help me with a huge flash problem that has me perplexed. I have this burner installed on a Vista x64 system, and once flashed it to LOF fw. Now, it will not accept a patched firmware…Omnipatcher or any other patch program will not recognize the drive, saying “no matching drive found”. I’ve uninstalled IDE channels, the drive itself, and deleted lower/upper filters with no success. The oem Liteon fw flashes with no problem, but only LOE fw is available. If anyone could be of assistance, i would greatly appreciate it!!


Omnipatcher is an older program that will not work with the newer drives. What other programs are you having issues with?

LtnFW and Flash Utility v. 3.0.3 thus far…

Thanks for the quick reply

under Windows XP 32bit - 100% working … only :frowning: