iHAP422 burn problems - invalid block address

I keep getting “invalid block address” in the error log when I try to burn a dvd. DMA is set correctly and not reverting to PIO. When I try to burn a dvd, I use NeroVision. NeroVision goes through all it’s usual steps then starts to burn to disk. The drive spins up and will run as normal then suddenly you’ll hear the drive spin down and eveything appears to freeze up. It can happen any time from when the drive spins up to the point that the dvd is almost completely burned. It doesn’t matter what speed I burn at. I had one successfull burn out of probably 10 trying to isolate this problem. I do not think it’s the iHAP422. The reason for this is I found the “event monitor” for my computer and found multiple errors saying the same thing around the time burn process would stop. The errors all said the same thing…\Device\IDE\IDE Port0 did not respond within the timeout period. Most the problems I have found listed with this error are related to hard drive connected via IDE. Mine is connected via SATA and the dvd-rom and dvd-burner is connected via IDE. The only two problems I’ve heard related to this are the IDE controller going bad, and possibly the power supply. The only other thing I can think of is I have the jumper on the back of the drives set to cable select since that is how Dell had the originals set. Any one have any idea what can be done to resolve this or have advice to fix it? Thanks

More info on your system. Motherboard, ram, drives, etc.

Dell Dimension 8400.
2G Corsair Ram (ran Memtest and got no problems after letting it run overnight)
80G hard drive WDC WD800JD-75JNA0
Pent 4 3.00GHz CPU (I think 925 chipset)
Windows XP Professional

I hope this helps. If there’s anything else, please let me know what I forgot. Thanks.

Do you 80 wire ide cables installed?

pfloyd1, thank you for helping!!!

I believe it is an 80 wire ribbon. Meaning, it looks like the 80 wire ribbon as opposed to the ribbons that have thicker gauge wire . It is a very “fine” and delicate looking ribbon. I was actually wondering if one of the kinks in the wire caused damage to it. Both optical drives use the same ribbon. I tried setting the dvd-rom to master and iHAP to slave to see if that made a difference(both were on cable select). It didn’t help. It failed at about 80% through an 8x burn using Verbatim 16x dvd-r media. I just pulled the computer apart again and tested the power supply voltage at the main connector with the computer on. I was getting normal readings at all pins…12v, 5v, 3.3v on the respective pins. So, I’m faily confident the power supply is good unless it has intermittent trouble. I am starting to get intermittent problems like lock ups and freezes on various programs…which is why I’m thought about the power supply. I’m wondering if there’s a hard drive problem or even a controller problem? I downloaded Speedfan and ran one of their tests. It says my hard drive health is 91% but should watch the “Power On Hours Count.” Mine is rated at 56 and the norm is 100. I really have no idea how else to test the hard drive or controllers. I’m pretty much grabbing at straws at this point…if it isn’t obvious from me rambling on about what I’ve been trying.

I just realized, my ram is from Crucial, not Corsair.

Try the DVD by itself and make it master.

I got the iHAP as the master. I made the dvd-rom the slave because when I disconnected it completely and turned the computer on, it beeped and at boot-up and had a black screen notifying me that it did not detect the drive. So, I hooked it back up as slave. I have Nerovision running now. It’s transcoding now and should start burning after that’s done.

In hinde site, I’m still not so sure about the power supply. I never did get an actual 12v reading. It was slightly less, but, I can’t remember if it was as low as 11.4v. I’m thinking about just ordering a psu while I can get it on sale at newegg.

It finished and Nero says it burned successfully. I burned at 8x and with the same Verbatim 16x media. I forgot to mention earlier that I’m using Nero Ultra 7.

One thing I’m noticing is, now that it’s done and Nero is shut down, there is a quickly flashing hour glass next to my little pointer arrow and it wouldn’t quit until I did a restart on the computer.

If making the iHAP the master and the dvd-rom the slave allowed the burn to be completed successfully, what does that indicate?

I don’t know it this helps any, but, after I got this drive a couple days ago I burned several “create disks” in Nero CD-DVD Speed without problems. I then scanned them with CD-DVD Speed and everything worked except for jitter scanning.

I successfully burned another dvd earlier today. It burned on the first try. I used the same Verbatim 16x media, left the iHAP422 as the master and dvd-rom as the slave. The only things I did different was burn at 12x this time and burned different content onto the disk.

I’d really like to know why switching the master/slave designation arrangement around appears to be helping. I didn’t switch the drives physical positions on the ide cable. I just left them plugged in as normal…dvd-rom at end of cable and iHAP422 in the middle.

I still had the quickly blinking hour glass after the burn and shut down of Nero. This time, I re-opened Nero Start Smart then closed it and the hour glass disappeared.

I’m going to burn another disk and see what happens. I’ll let you know how it goes. Any further thoughts are greatly appreciated and thanks for your help!

I tried burning a couple more disks. This time I tried copying dvd-r’s and cd-r’s from the dvd-rom to the iHAP422 using Nero Express. I copied three dvd-r’s. Two dvd’s burned successfully…one at 8x and one at 12x. The third failed almost as soon as it started it’s actual burn at 16x. I copied two cd’s successfully…one at 16x and one at 48x.

Is there anything I should do with configuration of the drives on the ide ribbon? Meaning, should I connect the iHAP422 to the end and dvd-rom in the middle now that I have the iHAP as the master? Or, should I leave the dvd-rom connected to the end of the ide ribbon, even though it is set to slave now?

Get rid of the DVD-ROM…

Out of curiousity, why should I get rid of the DVD-ROM? I like the idea of having two drives for ease of copying music compilations that I put together for my wife and I.

Yesterday, I did have one failure while using CD-DVDSpeed with jitter scanning. Everything before and after the failure burned successfully. I was using the “create disc” when it failied. The error message said, “No additional sense information (000000).” I wondered if it was just an anomaly. To rule out the cable, I picked up a Ultra ATA 100 round cable and replaced the original with it. While replacing the cable, switched the locations of the drives in the computer and on the cable. The iHAP is at the end and the DVD-ROM is in the middle now.

If I elliminate the DVD-ROM, would it be OK to replace it with another drive, like another iHAP, or some other burner, or even another DVD-ROM?

Thanks again!

OK…how old is the dvd-rom? What model.

The dvd-rom is HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8163B. When I was swapping the drives around, I didn’t really take note of what the name was on it, but, I swear I did see in very tiny print the name Hitachi. It came with my comuter, so, that makes it 4 years old now. I’ll check and see if I can confirm the name. I know the first part is correct, I’m just not certain about the manufactorer name.

Just did some quick searches on the internet and found out that it is either manufactored by Hitachi or LG. Since I thought I saw a tiny sticker saying Hitachi, I’m inclined to think what I saw was correct.

Do you have Kaspersky Internet Security installed?

I don’t really know if Kaspersky Internet Security is installed. At least, it’s not something that I knowingly installed. Should I have it installed? Should I not have it installed? If it is, what do I do about it? How do I find out if it’s already installed? Thanks!

I had the ‘invaild block address’ problem. I found the solution in Kaspersky’s forums. Latest build was the cause i installed 1 previous build, problem was sorted. If you dont have Kasperky Internet Security installed, it could still be a software conflict or PIO/DMA setting issue.