iHAP322_9 (vs iHAP322_8) firmware question

My new iHAP322 just arrived and I installed it. It’s a retail drive and the box says Model:iHAP322-98 9. It’s properties in Device Manager show the following string:
I believe that means the firmware version is 6L19. Correct?

The “-98” part of the name is apparently insignificant as relates to firmware. However the trailing “9” is significant, different from an “8” model…

In my naivete I thought it would do no harm to flash it with the latest iHAP322 firmware that I could find mentioned in this forum: iHAP322_8.UL19.stock.exe. However it refused saying that an iHAP322_8 drive was not found. So obviously that firmware will not work with my drive.

What’s the difference between an iHAP322_9 and an iHAP322_8? Where do I find the latest firmware for my iHAP322_9?

It seems like LO had a hardware revision on the 22x series drive since firmware couldn’t alleviate the issues. Thus, there are the ‘8’ and ‘9/A’ variations. The 6L19 is the firmware version and unless there are something like 6L1A, B, etc., firmwares, you won’t be able to (or want to) use the UL1x firmwares.

Thanks. That gives me a general idea. I’ve also asked Lite-On tech support and will post anything significant they return.