IHAP122 vs iHAS224 vs IHAS324 vs iHAS124 vs iHAS524

Hello, please could you tell me which is the best ?


Price is the same.
Speed is not important, I need it only to backup my scratched box 360 games and try to recover some old dvds.Eventually in crap dvds …


bump! :confused:

I dont think that this drives can create a working iso image. Recovering dvd’s is another story, you might have a better luck on that.
The [B]iHAS524 [/B] is my choice for burning, also it should be a very good reader, samsung drives are also considered to be among the best drives when it comes to reading scratched cd/dvd.

Unfortunately I just have a samsung, and it read everything except a backup dvd I can’t recover anyway. So at least I think I’ll go with Optiarc or Liteon. Thank you so much!

How about the iHAS424?