iHAP122 8 problems

All of a sudden my iHAP122 8 reads Verbatim DVD+Rs as DVD+RW. Ive been burning dvds from the same spindle all week and now it reads them as RWs. I have just updated the firmware to UL06, to no avail.

Here is the info that VSO inspector gives me:

Media Type: DVD+RW
Media ID: MCC-004-00
Speeds: N/A
Layers: 1
Book Type: DVD+R
Free Capacity: 4.38 GB
Free Sectors: 2295104
Content Type: Blank DVD

Any ideas? This has me totally confused.


Welcome to the forum. :flower:

Sometimes the information that programs like that give us is wrong, or not completely accurate. It’s not that unusual. Do you have the latest version of the program? Have you tried to see the info given by any other programs? Are you having trouble burning or reading data or playing DVDs?