Ihap122-19 w



Hi, when flashing my xb360 drive with dosflash I made the ultimate noob mistake and deleted the firmware from the above drive (IHAP122-19 W) with no backup and no idea what the stock firmware is. The manufacture date of the drive is March 2011.
I even contacted Lite on and they sent me a smartpack but that couldn’t see it and it wasn’t visible in device manager. After a lot of searching but no joy I decided to try an older version of the same drive so I flashed it with IHAP122 8 that I got from codeguys site. Now it is visible in device manager and can be seen by the smartpack but it says it’s up to date and device manager says it is fully working but there are no lights and it wont eject.
Do I throw it away or is there a way to save it.
I would be grateful for any advice or help, Thanks guy’s


You will get more informed answers in our Lite-on forum, so I’m moving your thread in there.