but it sounds so intriguing :wink:

Well, I hereby ignore you! Please feel ignored while I feel cool.

BenCool :cool:

I don’t think I can ignore this. :stuck_out_tongue:
No, deffinitely not, I refuse to ignore this.

lol, it’s amazing how this has got more responses than many other legitmate threads.


needed an excuse

to hit

my #8000

post. :cool:


Congrats on 8K, rd!! :slight_smile:

Now let’s see how long it takes for Wes to make his way here to close it down. :wink:

What is it that we were ignoring? :stuck_out_tongue:
Moved to the Living Room for comic relief.

I declare shenanigan on this thread. BAN!!! :bigsmile:

Spins in circles making airplane noises

i know i’ve had a lot beers tonight but:

I’m sure the longest thread was longer than last time i checked. Only a few more useless/shameless posts and it will feel like home :slight_smile:

That line just made me thirsty… I’ll be back in a minute :wink:

Um, what is this whole thread about???

I hereby decree this thread unsuitable for all other forums and banish it to the living room, where it can be written it off as a dead cause!

I already banished it to the Living Room
No double banishing allowed! :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case, I triple banish it :stuck_out_tongue:

Since rdgrimes celebrated his 8000th post in this thread earlier today, I think that I will use this thread to celebrate my 2500th post. :slight_smile: Yippee!

Okay, g’night, folks! :slight_smile: