Ignore DL size when Merging 2 DVD's?


Is it possible to merge two dvd’s and have it ignore the 7.96GB limit?


Are you planning to write to a disc or a HDD folder?

Dang you’re fast! :slight_smile:

I’m writing to a network’d folder that will be used by my Vista htpc. It will not be burned to any media.

then there should be “no” size limit for this only limited by the used filesystem…

Just good timing:) . Before you start the Merge, go into Common Settings–>Write and set the DVD9 size (this is a new feature) to a size large enough to write the files with no compression–11,000-12,000 MB should be enough. Use the drop down selector and choose “Custom”, it will bring up a box for you to enter the new value. Don’t forget to set it back when you’re finished.

Excellent, thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile: