Ignore, Amplify or Emulate Weak Sectors?


Sorry, this probably sounds like a very stupid question to most people here but I’m new so don’t think too badly of me! I’ve searched on the site before for an answer to my question but didn’t really understand the answer.

I’m burning karaoke CDs at the moment (at least I’m attempting to) and with lots of research I’ve finally got one to work (I downloaded songs, unzipped them all, used MP3+G Toolz .NET 4 to convert Zip to Bin, used Power CUE Creator to create a .cue file with all of the tracks I downloaded, used Cue2CCD to convert it into a CCD file, then used CloneCD to burn it to disk - phew!)

The only problem I have is the quality of the graphics (lyrics) on the screen. I’m burning it as slow as is possible (1x) and this did improve the quality somewhat but it’s still not ideal.

I have two questions really (yes I’m finally getting to the point :)):

  1. Am I doing anything wrong here to make the lyrics dodgy?
  2. On CloneCD>Write from image file>Right click on Audio CD>Edit there is a box that says weak sectors>ignore, amplify or emulate. At the moment it’s on ignore, but should it be on amplify or emulate?

Sorry for being so long winded about it!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Weak sectors aren’t relevant to karaoke cds. There aren’t any.

Oooh right, ok then.

Thank you very much.

So is there any other way that I can improve the quality of the graphics (lyrics) as they appear on the screen of the karaoke machine?

Thanks again.